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My vision: a healthy, educated, and prosperous Northwest Territories.

Our Future: Investment and Innovation

Rebuild our strength in mineral resources while diversifying the NWT economy – we must inspire investment, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

  • Support local business. Encourage entrepreneurship by supporting training opportunities and shared spaces for innovation and start-up manufacturing. Procurement policies must support northern managed and owned businesses.   
  • Energy infrastructure. Provide cleaner, less costly energy through Territory-wide projects: large-scale and community-level hydro, wind, solar and bio-mass energy generation.
  • Complete Indigenous land and self-government agreements. Acknowledge nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous governments. Agreements are the basis for building partnerships and prosperity throughout the NWT.
  • Make our regulatory system a model for Canada. Prioritize an effective, streamlined regulatory system. Remove old rules before layering new ones to make regulations responsive to emerging needs.

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Our Community: Empowering People

NWT communities are resilient, with a strong sense of community. Healthy and well-educated people strengthen our communities.

  • Education: a university will anchor a knowledge economy, creating opportunities for residents, and diverse partnerships between governments, industry and communities.
  • Mental Health and Addictions: Develop long term aftercare for addictions and mental health with community-based support networks and relapse-prevention. Utilize system navigators so that patients and their families get the best available programs and services.
  • Health Care: Encourage a health care system that prioritizes prevention and patient-centered care. Support primary care teams with time and resources to build relationships with patients. Ensure that front line care providers are also cared for through adequate staffing and healthy workplaces.
  • Housing: Support a full spectrum of housing options from rental, to market entry, to programs helping seniors to age in place.

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Our Government: Real Accountability

My vision is for a government that prioritizes people and is accountable for results that benefit people and communities.

How do we do that?

  • Measured Outcomes: Ensure government priorities focus on outcomes and not just the plans and procedures. Actively monitor progress towards improved outcomes through a clear point of leadership accountability.
  • Collaboration: Ensure community engagement and collaboration with municipal and Indigenous governments is the basis for designing community services.

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Our Society: Access to Justice

Every person should have confidence that the justice system is accessible and fair.

  • Respond to Causes of Crime: Commit to inter-departmental and non-government collaboration to reduce the prevalence of mental illness or social need as underlying causes of crime.
  • Restorative Justice: Be leaders in the development of restorative approaches in all areas of the legal system that are trauma-informed and designed by the participants.

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